Warranty Terms

Plus360 Warranty

Thank you for your purchase! You are now the owner of a Plus360 Premium Pre-Owned Phone. The Plus360 team welcomes you as one of our valued customers and we are proud to serve you.

Please register your warranty here.

The warranty on your products becomes effective once the registration process is completed,  starting from the point of billing.

Plus360 Premium Pre-Owned Phones are used phones that have been rigorously tested to ensure that features and functions work properly. Whilst utmost care was taken to ensure that you get the best quality, used phones typically have noticeable cosmetic blemished, such as minor scratches or dents on the casing, and may have parts that have been repaired or replaced. All data and information from any previous owner has been removed, and the latest operating system software has been installed.

Warranty does not cover physical damage and/or misuse or abuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or product modifications and alterations, executed by unauthorized third parties

1.1 The mobile phone device to which this warranty provisions relate is a second-hand refurbished device.

1.2 Original proof of purchase is required to validate any warranty claims.

1.3 Plus360 does not warrant that:
1.3.1 the mobile phone device will be uninterrupted or error free,
1.3.2 we will be able to repair or replace the mobile phone device without risk to or loss of data, applications, photos or programs,

1.4 The mobile phone device and accessories contained in its original packaging and listed in the warranty registration booklet is; subject to reasonable use and fair wear and tear, under warranty for a period of 12 (twelve) months of mobile phone device and 6 months for accessories from date of purchase. The warranty period is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or given to another individual.

1.5 The warranty is limited to:
1.5.1 material defects,
1.5.2 the device becoming hazardous or unsafe for use,
1.5.3 mechanical malfunction that occurs through normal use such as malfunction of touch screen, failure of microphone, charging port, speaker or microphone jack, stuck buttons
1.5.4 Battery will be replaced by Plus360 if its capacity becomes less than 50% of its initial capacity during warranty.

1.6 The warranty does not apply to:
1.6.1 incorrect and/or improper use,
1.6.2 liquid or fire damage,
1.6.3 drops,
1.6.4 physical damage or abuse; including but not limited to scratches or dents,
1.6.5 alteration or modification of the mobile phone device,
1.6.6 servicing or workmanship not performed by Plus360,
1.6.7 defects caused by normal aging or normal wear and tear of the mobile phone device;
1.6.8 mobile phone devices where the serial number has been removed, altered, defaced or illegible,
1.6.9 existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair,
1.6.10 jailbroken devices,
1.6.11 taken the device to a third party and opened or damage resulting from attempted customer repairs,
1.6.12 fault occurs after warranty period
1.6.13 Minor LCD defects,
1.6.14 if the number of missing pixel is less than 3,
1.6.15 IMEI no. change, damage or tampered

1.7 The warranty period for a refund does not apply to consumable items with a limited lifespan.

1.8 Plus360 shall under no circumstances be liable for any failures or delays in performance due to events outside of its control.

1.9 Plus360, its employees and agents will under no circumstances be liable to you for any indirect or consequential damages of whatsoever nature arising out of your purchase, use, the warranty provisions, defects or repairs to the mobile phone device.

1.10 You irrevocably agree that Plus360’s liability in terms of this warranty shall not exceed your initial purchase price of the mobile phone device.

1.11 Plus360 shall without waiver of its liability to you be entitled, without notice to you, to assign or subcontract its obligations in terms of this warranty.

1.12 Please provide a tracking number for return shipments. Customers are required to bear the cost of returning the item and Plus360 will not take any responsibility for lost or missing return shipments.