1) What is a Plus360™ Certified device?

Plus360™ is our latest brand of Premium Pre-Owned Devices encompassing selected iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy & Note series. We aim to provide 360 degree mobile solution to hardware, software updates plus value-added services hence the name Plus360™.

Plus360™ is a first of it’s kind as we continuously strive to provide full mobile communication solution at the most competitive price and optimum functions.

2) How do I set up a Plus360™ device?
a. Charge your new Plus360™ Certified pre-owned smartphone
b. Customers can select any network provider for their Plus360™ device
c. Once sim card is inserted Power ON by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake Button for a few seconds. Then follow the onscreen instructions to set up your smartphone.

3) Do Plus360™ Certified devices come with cell phone coverage? SIM cards?
No. We provide Certified devices at great prices, but you need to contact your carrier to establish network access. If your network uses SIM cards, you will need to source one from your carrier of choice.

4) What’s inside a Plus360™ ?

Inside a box of Plus360™ , you will find high quality devices, accessories, such as headset, charging cable, charger plus Value-Added services.

Guideline on how to join membership to our Value Added Services such as PureVPN , Silent Phone and Dialog-Hub online store promotions :

  • PureVPN* allows users to connect to both Private and Public Network globally for their work & personal navigation.
  • Silent Phone* provides private, peer to peer encrypted communication & secure file transfer.
  • Dialog-Hub* online Store – get latest updates and offers on the latest mobile solution.

We boxed it up all for you , so that you will rest-assure that you are getting the maximum performance from each of the Plus360™ products.

*Visit for more information: www.silentcircle.com, www.purevpn.com, www.dialog-hub.com

5) Advantages of buying Plus360™ ?

It’s just like buying new, only the price is more affordable.

Each of these Premium Pre-owned devices has undergo stringent quality check and rigorous test by our highly qualified technical team.

  • Physical appearance of each device : no scratches, no dents, and no damages   on the hardware. Each of the operation button are up to standard functions. Just Like New.
  • Software ( Operating System ) is updated to the latest version before being shipped
  • Plus “How-To” instruction to become members to our added-value services : PureVPN & Silent Phone.

6) Where and How can I buy Plus360™ ?

We make it easy for you to buy our Plus360™ Mobile Phones and Devices at the selected stores & shops nearest to you :
Or simply go for online purchase:

Other countries: www.dialog-hub.com
France: www.dialog-hub.fr

7) What support is being offered on my Plus360™ ?

Plus360™ provides 14 days grace period for Return or Exchange if the product is found to be with operation & functional problem.   You can log on to www.plus360mobile.com and provide us your name, phone number, email, IMEI / Serial number of device and state the problem.

Note that support becomes invalid if problem and damage on the Plus360 was caused by misuse and abuse of Plus360™ device and the services provided.

8)  What is the Refund & Return Policy for PLUS360™ ?

No refund is allowed. For our return policy please refer here.

Note : Seller has the right to reject Return items if problems and damages on the Plus360 was caused by misuse and abuse of Plus360™ device and the services provided.