Plus360® is a trusted leader in mobile devices protection and recycling industry. Plus360® aims to provide a 360 degree mobile solution encompassing a full body protections for the mobile devices, while enhancing the look and the touch, with the most updated software updates, plus the value-added services. Plus360® provides the best value-for-money on the essential gadgets and the premium stylish protection films, for both personal and business use.

TS+ is brought to you by Plus360®, a pioneer in on-demand back protection film service. The skin-like films offer a personal customization styling to any of your mobile devices. TS+ comes with a Translucent series that armors your devices with glasslike trendy designs, a Hybrid series which adds fancy colors to show off your vivid imagination, and a Licensed series to have your favorite Marvel, Disneys, Sanrio characters playing around on your device.


Plus360® also provide a total solution to our customers on phone recycling – from supplying pre-owned phones to diagnostics to repair to sourcing of accessories and packaging, and also after sales services. Plus360® fulfills the need and requirements of the customers, even just performing diagnostic tests or packaging